Driven By KM's Board Of Directors!

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Paul Davis

“My name is Paul Davis. I am a solicitor and director at Griffiths Parry Lawyers at Birtinya, on the Sunny Coast. I am very proud to be associated with Driven by KM. I sit on the committee of this wonderfuI charity and help the team out with the legal stuff. I’ve got 3 young kids myself so really appreciate the wonderful and important work that Driven by KM are doing. This is a grass roots, no BS charity that is absolutely dedicated to helping families with sick kids who are doing it tough on the Sunny Coast.”

Katrina Halliday

Meet Katrina, a proud Director on the Board of our Charity:
My name is Katrina. I am an insurance broker who lives here on the sunshine coast. I am lucky enough to have called the Sunshine Coast home for 15 years now. I have lived in Central Queensland, Wide Bay & Brisbane throughout my life but moving to the Sunshine Coast really felt like coming home. I live here with my husband & beautiful daughter, we love to explore & travel. Family is one of the most important things to me, life is so short & every moment spent with family & friends is a true blessing. I am absolutely honoured to be a part of the Driven by KM team where we provide family centered financial support and care packages to Sunshine Coast children diagnosed with chronic life threatening illnesses. I have seen firsthand the impact on families that are trying to survive day to day life of bills & work whilst one of their little ones are literally fighting for their life in hospital, it is heartbreaking. I am looking forward to helping reduce the stresses that our local families are facing during their most difficult times and being able to give them the opportunity to be with their little ones when they need it the most.

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Kimberly Campbell

Meet the wonderful and passionate Kimberly Campbell, another devoted Director of our charity Driven By KM.
“I’m Kim, I’ve recently become a mother and throughout this crazy new journey It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of love. It is such an adjustment bringing a new member into the family. It is hard enough settling into a new kind of normal with a healthy baby. My heart breaks for families that also have the added pressure of adjusting to a life that involves hospital trips and a world of the unknown. I share the passion of the beautiful founders of this charity in wanting to help these families in any way I can. I have always been involved in various charity organizations throughout my life but none that I am more passionate about than this wonderful cause. I have lived on the Sunshine Coast my whole life and I know how many beautiful, kind, generous people live in our community and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in helping families that are in need when life has dealt them a difficult hand.”

Ryan Cobb

Meet the team that sits on the Board of Directors of the Sunshine Coast charity, Driven By KM. First up we have Ryan Cobb; Ryan has been a lifelong resident of Sunshine Coast for his 37 years, and has an immense amount of pride for the area.
He is married to his gorgeous wife, Amanda, and lives in Caloundra with his dog, Ryda, and cat, Jasper.

Ryan works for a local Sunshine Coast company as a Service Technician, with this job taking him to all parts of Australia to service and repair critical water treatment infrastructure. It is a role that he enjoys greatly, as he is able to travel this great country and get paid for it at the same time!

He also owns 2 businesses with his wife in the Motorsport and Creative industries Hi-Octane Motorsports & Photography and Shirts 247 and believes in hard work and being passionate about everything that he does.
He always gives 100% in any venture that he undertakes and has a hard time simply giving up on something when it’s not working out as planned. The pursuit of perfection is what drives him for success!

Ryan has been involved in numerous charity and funds raising events throughout the last decade, helping raise much-needed funds for many wonderful causes, and is no stranger to getting his hands dirty to help others.

Ryan was invited to join Driven by KM by Angela Mansey, and with great honour, accepted the role.
He looks forward to helping make a change in the lives of those who need it most as well as assist in event and fundraiser planning and whatever is needed to take the pressure off our clients so that they can focus on supporting their young ones through their difficult times.

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Leah Emery

Meet the Board of Directors:
My name is Leah Emery and I am humbled to be a part of Driven By KM! I am soon to be married to my amazing partner Callan which we share a blended family of my 4 step kids and the recent arrival of our beautiful baby girl Aurora. We have two family run businesses Boosted Websites and A Level Above Drone Solutions which we have alot of passion for. I have spent many years helping raise funds for various charities mostly within the car community via Club CCQ which was founded by my partner Callan, this is how I come to have meet Ang, Corbin and her beautiful family of boys.
Why does helping children mean so much to me? Besides my young family I have a niece with special needs whom I adore very much, I have watched as doctors said she would not survive past her 4th birthday... to still being here well past her 4th birthday and making improvements in leaps and bounds. As she is wheelchair bound, unable to communicate and having frequent seizures I understand the value in a supportive network and a village to help in times of need. This is one of the many reasons I am passionate about helping children and their families when times are tough.
I have also spent some time within a wheelchair myself, I am lucky enough to be walking again now but it was a very dark time within my life. It taught me that the smallest of gestures can make the world of difference when facing life threatening challenges.
With these and many more values I hold I was over the moon when asked to be on the board of directors.

Darren Anderson

Meet another incredible team member of Driven By KM!
“My name is Darren Anderson. I am an Accountant and the CEO of Financial Control Solutions Pty Ltd in Brisbane. I sit on the committee and am very proud to be associated with Driven by KM and help out with the financial red tape. I have a disability myself and was in and out of hospital as a child into my early teens, a charity like Driven by KM could have helped my family out immensely if it were around when I was young. My wife Jessica and I have a young daughter and really understand and appreciate the wonderful and important work that Driven by KM are doing . . . helping families with sick kids who are doing it tough on the Sunshine Coast.”


Angela Mansey

Hi I am Angela, the founder and Director of this wonderful charity. I am a mother of 4 gorgeous sons, proud wife of my supportive husband Luke, the owner of Kuluin Mufflers and an avid philanthropist. I am the proud 2019 QLD Telstra Small Business Woman of the Year and in between running my business and charity, I am a full time carer to one of my sons. This charity has been my greatest accomplishment to date (with the obvious exception of being a mum). Driven By KM started when I realised first hand a lacking in financial support for the families of chronically and terminally ill children who needed urgent and immediate financial respite when a child is fighting the odds. My son Corbin was born with a rare complex and life threatening medical condition and I have spent years by his side in intensive care, months on life support and ongoing care following his 26 surgeries. I personally struggled to keep the medical expenses at bay whilst juggling part time work, long hospital stays and transfers to different states to receive specialized surgeries. After I opened my business Kuluin Mufflers 4 years ago, I became dedicated at using its public profile to assist the community in every way possible. Having the charity assist the families that need it most is something I am so proud of. The profits of my business go to paying all the administrative and running costs of Driven By KM, which means of the donations go directly to families in need. I understand first hand what it is like to sit beside a hospital bed and hold my breath, I know the heartache and uncertainty and understands the pain that parents go through during such devastating moments. That is why this charity exists, I personally had to struggle with household bills, medical debt, travel costs to various hospitals and living expenses whilst our world was/is in turmoil. I wanted to take the pressure off and offer help and hope to other families on the coast going through tough times. I believe that together we can make some sun shine on those standing in the shadows. Thank you everyone for supporting us and allowing us to make a difference to the families that need it the most.