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Coming SOON!

Thank You!


" The incredible design team behind Jet One Industries kindly donated their talents to create a Driven BY KM shirt design that we are proudly launching. Having Marty offer to do the design pro bono meant a lot to our charity as we are very privileged to have the support of local businesses that in turn help us to support others.

" The local business Shirts 247 is a huge support and charity partner to Driven BY KM, not only does one of the owners of Shirts 247, Ryan, sit on the Board for our charity but his wonderful wife (and the other owner of Shirt 247) Amanda also assists with our charity events and helps us to spread the word of what we do. In order for our charity to run as morally as possible we have been priviliged enough for this fantastic business to print all our merchandise at cost price and also to hold our services rendered invoice open until we sell each item. This means that we don't withdraw bulk money from our charity funds in order to create shirts, instead they are printed in advance and then as each one sells, the cost goes back to Shirts 247 and the profit goes directly to the charity. This keeps our donations going straight to those who need it most.

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